D5200 Live View?

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Re: D5200 Live View?

I have the D5100 and use it in live view for macro's of wildflowers. The articulating screen makes it a dream to use. I use mine on a tripod and use the infrared remote to trigger it.

I use live view to set it up and focus my macro manually, using the enlarge feature on live view (very helpful). I then turn off live view and take the picture in normal mode. Live view takes too long to make the exposure and flowers tend to blow in the breeze.

The D5100 takes excellent pictures this way and don't forget to cover the viewfinder when not looking though it and not in live view (unless you're in M mode). It can affect the metering. I am 67 and getting down low to look through the viewfinder is a problem, so I know what you're talking about - bper

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