Part II: Nikon wasting time & resources on a BS retro camera

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Re: Part II: Nikon wasting time & resources on a BS retro camera

Hey Dez, I see you dilemma. and know that you are looking at the current development long time. As someone who knows the value of the raw-to-output file processing you are likely to be impressed, if not very impressed, by the quality of d610 files and by what it can take.

I am sure you know about d300 – d7000 (nex6) difference here. I would say that it is a big difference for those who appreciate/make use of the improvements.

Imagine, say, twice as a big difference thinking d7000 and d600 difference on the top of that difference between d300 and the nex6 (d7000). Much less noise at base iso, much cleaner files or parts that are under the adjustment stress, significant jump in resolution. You can use average or slightly above average glass and get better results than with a high quality lens on dx. That relates to overall quality of the larger format file and very similar about the DR. Quality of the file is a big factor also in practical use of DR capability which is great on its own with cameras like d600/d800 (I personally don’t need bracketing and still have no real need for grads for my 14-24, I go for another long trip without them. I would sure find the exposure merging much more practical with d90/d300.) It’s also the benefit of 24mp that helps in this respect. These are very high quality pixels giving great resolution – which again is part of the file quality in relation to processing I am mentioning. 16mp in fx package is a thing of beauty as well. There is some, perhaps surprisingly perceivable, difference between 12 and 16mp on both the dx and fx format to me.

A lot has changed in past years. Nikon is supporting strongly fx line and delivered lenses like 16-35G, 28/1.8G, 85/1.8G, 50/1.8G, (70-200/4 VR and 80-400 VR) that are great value and performance (compared in absolute terms to dx also). Also the 24-85 VR. My 24-120/4 VR (arguably a bit worse value on fx) gave me what I’d rate as some two class difference on d600 compared to 16-85 VR on d7000 as far the resolution and the file-quality goes on base iso.

As for the dx being dead, well every week something is dead in the forums. It’s a popular folklore and of course we enjoy fun here as well. Gradual changes on the market and in approach of manufactures are natural and very much expected. DX is and will remain an extremely important format although is likely to be undergoing some restructuring and cameras an appropriate reconfiguring. Nikon, for example, should have a strong dx mirrorless system here by now. I suspect even US sales would look quite different regarding the mirrorless.

The new DF - we have quite limited info about it. It doesn’t border me whether it is a camera positioned above or below d600 but rather what it is. It can be something very different and very good in more respects including a long term success on the market as a product (and including the US.)

Whatever it is, what bothers me is the shutter that proudly, as you expect, clacks in those teasers. Whether it has Q mode or other means of keeping mirror slap/shutter vibrations down in its smaller body. I will take old lenses rendering but no blur from the slap.

Good luck, we live in good times, you love photography, plenty of great options and fantastic technology most for everyone so I reckon you will be happy whatever kit you pick up eventually.

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