Tell me why LR Collections are important?

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Re: Tell me why LR Collections are important?

charmdesign wrote:

So I get that it is cool to view photos that live in different places all in once, but what are the practical applications of collections? I'm just not sure how far to go with them and how they differ from my folder hierarchy except for the example like I stated. What can collections do that the traditional folder structure can't? One thing is house stuff from multiple folders. Another is publish to Facebook. Make a book. What else though? And how do you use collections practically speaking?

All my photos are stored in folders by date.

If I want to look at all the photos tagged with a certain metadata (keyword, camera setting, location, etc) I can create a collection driven by that metadata and then I just have to click on that collection in the future to see all the photos that have that metadata.  No searching or looking through many folders required.

Smart collections are great as well as they automatically update when new photos matching the required criteria are added to the library.

Maybe you want to see all your photos with a certain person in, of a specific place, taken with a particular camera setting, taken with a particular camera, with a certain rating.  The reasons are many and will depend on the person.

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