Olympus Stylus1 24-300mm 1/1.7" sensor

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Re: Olympus Stylus1 specs 28-300mm f/2.8 zoom

illissius wrote:

I suspect it's just barely too large and heavy to replace my XZ-1 as a take-everywhere camera. But the longer range (nearly triple!) is awfully tempting.

So the preview is up, and...

- The EVF hump is singlehandedly responsible for something like a 25% increase in both the height and depth of the camera. That really sucks. I might easily prefer not to have it, if that's what it requires. For storing in a large pocket or belt pouch the fact that it's just the EVF protruding and not the camera 'brick' itself extending that far doesn't make much of a difference. I would much prefer an EVF to be flush with the camera body, as with the X-E1 for example. (Not sure if they could have made the body, say, 5% larger in every direction and shuffled around the internal elements to make space for an EVF 'inside', which would have been far more practical IMO.) Without the hump this would've been almost a no-brainer upgrade over the XZ-1 (it's barely larger!), but this way it's a much tougher question.

- Gah: still the same power button. Really wish they'd move to some kind of sliding switch. This "simple push-button" version causes me no end of misery. (Thinking I've pressed it when I didn't, thinking I didn't press it because the camera is slow to respond, so pressing it again, and therefore having to then press it a *third* time... and so forth).

Anyway, other than these it looks really nice.

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