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jcmarfilph wrote:

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Chronas Maganaas wrote:

Tried to view Speedy chart but your link gave me a blank page. I need F/4 or better at 300mm. Will the HS50 work for me?

Hi Chornas,

Most High-Quality Full Sized DSLR 300mm Lenses have F/Stops HIGHER than F/4 !
Where did You Come Up with This Spec as a Requirement ?

In Aperture Priority Mode the HS50EXR can hold f/4 until ~ 100mm ( 135mm Equiv. )
It will Bump Up by 1/2 F/Stop Increments though it's full Zoom Range of 24mm-1000mm. . .
Up to ~ 300mm the HS50ERX can hold F/5

Above ~ 300mm to 1000mm you're looking at F/5.6

It does f/5.0 at 20x (approx 480mm)

Hi Joms - Maybe YOUR HS50EXR is Different but MINE is as Stated Above ~100mm or 4.1x for F/4
Just Above 100mm it Switches to F/4.5 
( I Tested this Using Aperature Priority Mode & Am Not Including Any IDZ Function )

Now Do YOU Think that Using ONLY This Information is Sufficient to Make a Performance Decision ?

I can PROVE that it ISN'T !

Here's an Example PHOTOGRAPH ( The Bottom Line for ALL Photographic Proofs ). . .

Now this is NOT the Most Pristine Photo on the Net BUT my HS50EXR DELIVERED a View-able Photograph in a Split Second under some Tough Shooting Conditions. . .

It Actually Surprised ME !

Hope this Helps to Sort Out Your Considerations.

Good Shooting & Cheers from Orion

In good light, the advantage of f/4 or even f/2.8 is negligible when compared to f/5.6 unless you are stopping a high speed object. -=[ Joms ]=-

I'd suggest that this Sort of Technical Lens Speed Evaluation would be Solved by Isolating the Shutter Speed Requirements for "Stopping the Range of Subjects of Interest to the Photographer"...
While Providing Sufficient Light to Bring the Sensor to a Fully Developed Image @ a Low ISO. . .

The Smokey Fire Sunrise Image I posted was F/7.1 & ISO-100 shot in EXR High-ISO Low Noise Mode
( This is a Twinned-Pixel 8Mp Senson Mode / The Camera PICKED F/7.1 & ISO-100 for the Shot )

As an Experiment I again Setup in EXR High-ISO Low Noise Mode and Shot my Desk Lamp. . .

Note: I set Auto ISO-3200 : The Processor in the HS50EXR Choose ISO-100 & F8 Automatically with a 1/2000 Shutter Speed so the Processor in this Mode Nails the Lowest ISO & Highest F/Stop & Shutter Speed. . .
I'm Learning this Camera Will Deliver Results in the EXR Modes that are Technically Pretty Well Calculated. . .

Now for the Trick Question. . . ( Below Image was Shot @ 1,000mm + 1.54x TC = 1,540mm Optical

Put on my Raynox 1.54x TC on my HS50EXR & Shot the Brightest Object in the Sky. . .

What Exactly is This ?

Cheers from Orion 

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