DA 55-300 vs DA* 300 f4

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Re: DA 55-300 vs DA* 300 f4

Barry Pearson wrote:

jamesm007 wrote:

It takes time to learn a new dSLR like the K5. With the K20D I never turned off SR even on a tripod. Of course a timer will shut it off automatically. But even singe shot I would leave it on. The K5 Shake Reduction system is much more sensitive. I have proven this in tests. Take a K20D or K10D and put it on tripod with SR on. No noise. Do the same with the K5 and you can hear the SR system working a lot! Lesson learned! The K5 does not want Shake Reduction to be on when its on a tripod, learned that along with some other things about the K5.

Why does that indicate that the K-5 doesn't want SR on when on a tripod?

It could just as easily be a lesson that tripods are not perfectly steady and still need SR!

When I was shooting with a tripod I was shooting in 7fps mode with SR on. Carefully looking at my pics from the DA55-300mm I could see motion blur even though I had the tripod locked down I was pushing the shutter button causing some movement in the tripod (and live-view on). So I did a test without SR and still pushing the shutter button. The results where (and I did it more than once) is the pics with SR off had that tack sharp look, the pics with SR on had that slight motion blur (need to pixel peep). As soon as you touched the K5 you could hear the SR system really working (with the tripod locked down). I can only conclude the algorithms are not designed to compensate motion with the camera used as such. Now I use the remote with high frame rate setting. I suppose in any case it could still be me causing the movement. The tripod alone is pretty good if there are no strong winds.

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