Will Nikon be out of business in 5 years?

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Re: More like returning to pre-digital sales levels!

Mike_PEAT wrote:

Everyone keeps talking about dropping dSLR sales, but what people forget is before digital there was a LOT more competition, and people kept their cameras for decades instead of months...we are just starting to return to that trend where people kept their cameras longer, and Nikon (like every other brand) will have to get used to the bloated sales returning to normal levels!

The article was making a different point ... that the camera hardware on offer by Nikon and Canon is being displaced by different technologies offered by Apple, Samsung, and Sony.

What's normal?  We're certainly not going backwards to the days of film developing at the corner drugstore.  For better or worse, photography has changed in pretty profound ways. For one thing, there are more photos are being taken than ever before. We no longer stuffs a few prints in a snail mail letter to let grandma know how the family is doing.

The anomaly is that in spite an exploding culture of visual communication, compact camera sales have fallen off the cliff, and dslr sales are falling, too.  I have no crystal ball, but I do suspect that photography industry 5-10 years from now will look a lot different than it does today.

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