Lens adapters?

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Re: Lens adapters?

A reply I made in another post:

2) legacy manual focus lenses

The caveat with using legacy lenses is that there is no coupling to automatically step down the aperture during exposure. You have to manually open the aperture ring, focus, step down it down again. Then you need to wait a few seconds for the camera to meter to settle, else you will get a very inaccurate meter reading and a surprisingly bad exposure. It's a very slow process.

Of my half dozen Nikon lenses, I only use the 105mm micro (the Fuji 60mm can only go to 1/2 life-size). I find the Fuji lenses so good that I have no reason to use the other lenses.

This was taken with a Fuji X-E1 and Nikkor 105mm f2.8 micro lens, and illuminated with the Fuji EF-X20 flash through my aquarium glass.

3mm amphipod swimming

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