How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

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Re: How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

I'm wondering why on earth would you go from 5 series to a rebel? Canon hasn't done anything to improve the series since 600D, which is still a great camera. STM was more or less a fluke, aimed at basically nobody. 5D on the other hand is a really good camera, with very nice organic noise and look, albeit AF is a little slow.

Fuji is great, however. But then, to put things into perspective, so is the 70D, and so is the 6D. And 5D3 and D610 and D7100 and so on and so on. What do you need the wide DR for? Do you shoot nature? Have you inested in flashes/strobes? I would suggest finding out what you want to do with your camera before making anymore rash decisions which will cost you money. Right tools for the job. For an all around good camera, I think you are set with 70D.

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