One of many negative feedback mechanisms in action.

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Re: One of many negative feedback mechanisms in action.

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Would you like a larger foil hat?

Funny.. but that is what was said to those people who spoke out about and against "surveillance and monitoring" decades ago.

And those foil-hatters were proven right.

But, YES.. if it will block out some of the rubbish from the ACC camp..

While you are filtering out what you don't want you are also filtering out the real science. That's your choice but if you refuse to be properly informed on the subject, don't vote on the basis of that decision. Of course if you don't vote, think what you want.

I don't consider the mass shouting of "ACC", along with the mass discrediting of people speaking out against it being "man-made" to be "informed on the subject".

That's OK. You have demonstrated very well that you yourself are far from informed and your failing capabilities with middle school science

PhD Biology, actually.. out of date now though.

What a waste.

What a waste.

clean up anyone else that might listen to you other than the converted. Keep it up. People like you do our case wonders.

Oh, my foil-hat has a good pass-through for real science.. it's a good scam-science detector.

I am reasonably good at detecting scams, from lottery scams to Nigerian crap, and ACC has most of the hallmarks of a big scam.

That's nice.

Fine by me..

Tell you what.. why don't you lot just keep believing it - us lot will keep disbelieving it.

Not exactly consistent with that PhD.

Really? Because I don't agree with you?

And we both stop banging on about it in a photo forum - we only give our side of it because some blinkered brainwashed muppet comes in and bleats about "SEE, We told you ACC was real!!"

The AGW camp doesn't come out with that kind of retort.

They've been doing it here for years!

We have the majority and see it now as a forgone conclusion.

it is, The ACC myth has one the day.

All the western countries have taxes and fees and levies, idiotic carbon taxes, stupid money-making carbon trading scams - they have made laws based of this fantasy of mane made cause and CO2..

Even the "deniers" can't really deny that the fairytale has mass appeal - but mass appeal doesn't make it correct, mass appeal still happens with this type of massive brainwashing propaganda..

That kind of statement is best exemplified by the recent "science admits it was lying" storm the far right came out with recently. If there was any doubt about the denialist camps motives it was mad transparent there.

That would be nice but really, if you look back it is the right that keeps jumping into playground mode. With the disproportionate nature the debate (95% to 5 of science) that is not relate-able to discussion. Seems the denialist camp is very, very loud on the subject. Besides.

Only in reort to some new stupidity from the ACC camp.. If you lot would shut up with your propaganda, we would too.

With some of the garbage science they spout and their avoidance of listening to any other opinion they have to be balanced in some way. Since their contribution is only of school playground level we have to stoop.

I wonder what proportion of Republicans believe in AGW. That would be an enlightening answer don't you think?

I don't know - I don't really know what makes up a "republican". Like I said somewhere else, I think the word is used as a rather silly insult in most cases.
The UK is a monarchy, even if it's only figurehead nowadays - "republican" means little to us.

Certainly if you went back in this forum and counted the number of times the denialist camp brought up the subject as threads I think you would find that is far more often than the proponents. It may seem otherwise because it probably sticks in your craw that no-one believes you but the Fox cult.

Not really.. I really don't care all that much who believes me and who doesn't.
ACC is akin to a new religion - it's some rabid televangelist spouting rhetoric and scam brainwashing over the TV.
Even if those weak mined fools following him will never believe anything atheistic in tone, it's still a good thing to stand up to stupidity and lies.

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The one serious conviction one should hold is that nothing should be taken too seriously.
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain an idea without necessarily accepting it. -Aristotle
..oh, and I see by the lack of responses that I am right yet again.

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