DPReview Publishes 808 vs. 1020 Studio Comparison! My Remarks

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Re: DPReview Publishes 808 vs. 1020 Studio Comparison! My Remarks

Stig Vidar Hovland wrote:

Stevan G wrote

I don't give a damn for what they say, they have lost their credibility long ago...and they certainly won't be able to implement "old oversampling algorithm" within 1020 hardware constraints.

Nokia has made the two best camera phone out there and they lost credibility?

it doesn't matter much since all other phone manufacturers have quite crappy cameras so it's not really hard to have 2 best camera phones....

it all started with fake advertising for 920, there was no need for faking with N8&808...also calling 920 PureView for just having OIS, dammit then HTC One and LG G2 are also PureView so basically they have watered down a VERY lucrative concept...then all this mumbo jumbo about 1020 with 6 element lens, BSI sensor, new fancy "oversampling" algorithms and what not, all having mediocre quality at best...promising Symbian support to 2016 then cutting it in now etc. who is to guarantee the same won't happen with WP8 very soon?! New WP phones are becoming obsolete few months after they get on the scene, lumia 900 was rendered obsolete 3 months after presentation, now you already have 1520 instead of 1020 etc.

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