DPReview Publishes 808 vs. 1020 Studio Comparison! My Remarks

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Re: DPReview Publishes 808 vs. 1020 Studio Comparison! My Remarks

Dominick101 wrote:

Thanks for the deep analysis. However, I beg to differ on two points below:

Comparison 1: The text showing both cameras having almost the same detail in good lighting but the level of noise isn't equal. Notice how noisy the 1020 image is, also looking at the middle line where edge-bleeding is evident. The noise on the 1020 at base ISO is a concern because as we know the 1020 applies a higher level of sharpening to their image to bring up the level of detail which also introduces more noise. So if Nokia were to bring down edge sharpening to minimize noise, won't we be seeing less detail on the text? For that reason, there's a direct relationship between noise and detail level, and I don't think their performance is similar in this case.

Sorry, I should have emphasized the entire section discussed sharpness (and the effects on it by NR) only, not the noise itself. I thought mentioning sharpness in the first sentence was sufficient.

Comparison 2 (daylight): I think there's a very big difference between the both and they are definitely not on par. The 1020 in daylight only manages around 3600lph whereas the 808 does 4000lph. Look how smudgy it is at 4000lph on the 1020? I don't think the lines are at all defined at 4000lph on the 1020. Again, we're seeing more noise (and edge-bleeding) on the 1020 which could be the reason why the lines are less defined than on the 808. The sharpening on the 1020 is actually a paradox because while it helps bring up the level of detail, it also destroys detail by introducing more noise.

Let me disagree. The two shots are of definitely different contrast - the 808 has much deeper blacks.

On the 1020's shot, it's still possible to properly count the lines at around 4000 lph. Not very easily because, again, the shot has far less contrast, but not much harder than at, say, 3600 lph. I've even created a version of the same image with bumped-up contrast:

Should the 1020 have much worse resolution, it'd be entirely impossible to properly count the lines at 4000 lph.

This is also emphasized by the uppermost "decreasing-size text" test, where - apart from the 1020's image being noisier - the two cameras deliver almost exactly the same sharpness.

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