DA 55-300 vs DA* 300 f4

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Re: DA 55-300 vs DA* 300 f4

"Taken at 300mm f/5.8 days before me getting the K5. Its also strongly back-lit but the K20D avoids blowing highlights at all cost. But being so strongly back lit it should show some aberrations. The K20D or K10D (really GX10) never showed CA/PF with the DA55-300mm, it was not there even at extreme 400% pixel peeping levels; in an amount big enough that needs corrections in PP. At Pixel peeping levels you could see some slight CA but nothing, again to worry about as the pic below helps show. This is why I am convinced now that the orig K5 is doing something with light wrongly! I will do back to back tests with the K20D and K5 and post my results (and with different lens)."

Well it was user error, not the K5 doing something wrong, go figure

Well it takes time for all the stars to align and get (time, weather, movement of subject) some good shots of wild-life. And I keep to my word.

It takes time to learn a new dSLR like the K5. With the K20D I never turned off SR even on a tripod. Of course a timer will shut it off automatically. But even singe shot I would leave it on. The K5 Shake Reduction system is much more sensitive. I have proven this in tests. Take a K20D or K10D and put it on tripod with SR on. No noise. Do the same with the K5 and you can hear the SR system working a lot! Lesson learned! The K5 does not want Shake Reduction to be on when its on a tripod, learned that along with some other things about the K5.

Once the lens is set correct in AF fine tune there should be little difference between 300mm f/5.8 and 300mm f/8; if there is the copy should be traded for another. Sure DOF will increase but I am talking a major jump in resolution, contrast, color. That has always been the case with all my cameras and the DA55-300mm and all PRO reviews show the same basic trait. Shoot f/5.8 all day, if you need to go to f/8 your AF fine tuning is off of your lens is off.

But here is wide open (f/5.8 300mm) from the K5 and DA55-300mm ED, with a couple f/8 thrown in for fun as I like the pics I am glad Pentax chose this lens for its new HD coating and WR. That's a good combo with the DA18-55mm WR for an economical all weather kit.

To compare with K20D pic of same type, this is further away however...

Just having fun with contrast and color

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