DPReview Publishes 808 vs. 1020 Studio Comparison! My Remarks

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Re: DPReview Publishes 808 vs. 1020 Studio Comparison! My Remarks

falconeyes wrote:

That confirms my experience too (have a 808 and are very happy with, did some gallery shots too!).

Just wished somebody would take the 808's camera module and put it into a true camera housing, with real buttons. And better APP. Sort of flat, pocketable RX100.

Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of the device ? The point here is to avoid carrying an extra device to take photographs with.. you just use your smartphone for it

It has bee working very well for me..

bigley Ling wrote:

Stig Vidar Hovland wrote:

Stevan G wrote

I don't give a damn for what they say, they have lost their credibility long ago...and they certainly won't be able to implement "old oversampling algorithm" within 1020 hardware constraints.

Nokia has made the two best camera phone out there and they lost credibility?

I think Stevan G means that with the whole debarkle with the 1020 being released essentially with a totally new image processing engine which sports excessive sharpening, contrast, and bizzaire yellow saturation bias, combined with somewhat, less capable hardware than the predecessor the Nokia 808, has made Nokia look quite amateur with the release of the 1020.

I blame the carriers for the 1020 compromise.. they wanted a thinner phone, so we got inferior optics, smaller sensor, and a weaker xenon flash.

The jpeg processing will get better, its only a matter of time before they fully port the Symbian algorithms to WP, and then we will start seeing the old natural color reproduction that most of us like, and not this Walt Disney colors which remind me of the iPhone 4 days.

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