RX-100 II: low light and handling

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Re: RX-100 II: low light and handling

beejo wrote:

Hi there,

A couple of questions for RX-100 II users. I'm considering an upgrade to one from my current lx3. It seems to tick all the boxes for me in terms of preferred features, with only three possible questions:

- price relative to other options in the same price range (some mirrorless options), or same size range but much cheaper (Canon G16, Olympus XZ-2)

- handling (I think dpreview even mentions and "unengaging user experience")

- low light (vs. image quality generally -- I've come across very few people unhappy with the IQ, but far fewer explicit statements about low-light quality. I've got a D7000 and a number of lenses, but it is not always practical to have that available, so very much looking for a next best option).

Any feedback from current users that have strong opinions on any or all of the points above would be appreciated.

The RX100 is not the cheapest compact but I think it offers an amazing amount of performance in an amazingly compact physical package.  I've had all of the LX series and the XZ2, among many others, and the RX100 is both far more compact (none of those would fit into my shirt pocket) and in most cases a much better performer in terms of image quality.  The LX7 is a great camera and I love the 24mm-eqivalent lens, but it's too big for a shirt pocket and the excellent and fast lens didn't make up for the better and bigger sensor on the RX100.

Handling?  Some of the bigger cameras may be better, but others are not.  I love Oly cameras but the XZ2 was a very troublesome - every time I handled the camera I managed to change the exposure comp setting, for example, and AF was a disaster.  I really don't see any point in the DPR complain about "unengaging."

Low light on compacts is living in the world of compromises but the RX100 and the Mk2 are better than their physical peers for sure.

Note that I'd recommend shooting raw with these cameras to get the most out of the camera's potential.

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