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I agree with Nick that the light is a problem being dark and somewhat dull. The horizon is right down the middle (vertically) which makes the image more static because you aren't emphasizing the sky or the water. Also, the object on the right adds some interest and may be why you shot from this spot, but I have difficulty making out what it is even at full resolution. The circular shape doesn't stand out from this perspective because it's small in the frame and it's intersected by part of the structure as well as the horizon. Zooming in and isolating it against the sky would have potential. If you don't want to feature the object on the right, you need to crop it out completely because it definitely attracts the eye in an otherwise fairly minimalist scene. There are some small boats and islands in the distance but they are too small to get any attention. Also, consider the colors and whether you think they help the image or if converting to black & white would be better.

One thing that happens to me quite a bit that might have been a factor in this case is that when I've been at a scene and viewed it with my own eyes that distorts how I see the photo. I look at the photo and see it more how it was when I was there as opposed to being able to see the photo objectively eliminating my knowledge of the place.

Despite the criticism, it's easy to see what appeals to you about this scene and why you took the shot. The water is peaceful and has a nice texture. The sky is interesting. There's the interesting object in the foreground. The light on the water could be good with a little processing. I think it's close to being a very good photo. If you have a chance to re-shoot, maybe try getting the camera a little lower which will place the object on the right against the sky, zoom in which will make the object larger and aim the camera up a little to move the horizon line to the lower third. Also wait for better light or do some post processing to enhance the light. I'm not certain those are the best recommendations. There are many ways to shoot a scene. I would like to see it with those few changes though.

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Been a while since I have posted, looking for input on this pic.

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