How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

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Re: How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

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I just purchased a Canon 70D after much contemplation about my next camera. I had a 5D Mark II, but was looking for the best compromise between fast operation, good video and image quality. The Canon 70D is sensational when it comes to overall operation, but the image quality lets down, with very limited dynamic range. For this reason, I am willing to go back to FF. The 6D is a good alternative (although I would sorely miss the brilliant video autofocus of the 70D), but I heard that the Fuji x trans sensors come close to FF quality. I am attracted to the compact, retro style bodies and manual control. I would be willing to sacrifice good video, if I get great FF like image quality from the Fuji bodies.

Can anyone comment on this please? Especially in terms of highlight and shadow recovery. How well is details at these extremes recovered from RAW files?


I don't think a meaningful comparison could be made.

Why? Put both in the hands of a good photographer and look at the results. See if you can pick out the FF vs. APS-C images. In fact, Zack Arias did such a comparison already:

And scroll through these posts to check out some test shots.

I'm not saying that ff is better than the Fuji APS-C, or that Fuji APS-C is better than ff. I'm just saying that to compare two things that are so very different, doesn't produce very meaningful results. Think about that a bit before you dismiss it.

It's interesting to me, that while I too *think* FF is preferable due to the bigger size, why is it so difficult for me and other very experienced photographers to choose which is which ala Zack Arias' examples? Funny also, how most of these forums scoff at the differences between 35mm FF vs Medium format digital as miniscule...yet that perceptible and size difference is FAR, FAR greater than 35mm FF vs apsc.

If you feel the comparison is so "very different"...please take the Zack test and share your score.

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