Will Nikon be out of business in 5 years?

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Re: Will Nikon be out of business in 5 years?

I have been shooting with Nikon since 1965 when the only option was a Nikon F body. It was a workhorse. I watched the development of camera and lens technology since then. Nikon has rarely been first to market with any technology, but once it adopts a technology it starts on a path toward dominance, and it gets there or close their all the time.

I think it was 1978 when Minolta asked me to test the first ever professional level autofocus camera. They gave me a body and two lenses to use for a month. I shot lots of sports in those days so I the gear to shoot pro soccer and football. I was amazed that it worked exceptionally well. It achieved best focus a higher percentage of times than I could manually.

I wondered why Nikon did not have a similar camera. I had a big investment in Nikon gear and now I wanted an autofocus body and l lenses. I thought about buying Minolta, but did not choosing to wait a while to see how Nikon responded. The rest is history. Nikon came out with autofocus, perfected autofocus, and mad the lenses to go work with it.  So did Canon.

Now, many years later Minolta is no longer in the camera business. They innovated, but innovation is just the first step to long term success. Nikon had the larger camera customer base and changing brands was a big step when looking at a developing technology.

I think Nikon will be offering some excellent camera and lens products in the future. You can be certain that it will develop a line of mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras. I suspect that its legacy lenses will work on the new offerings. That will sell a lot of Nikon users on sticking with the brand.

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