X-E1 vs X-A1 raws with 14/2.8

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Charles2, could you comment on interesting workflow

Charles2 wrote: The XE-1 file. Fuji RFC (by Silkypix): demosaic, keep contrast low

Raw Therapee - LAB curves and initial sharpen by RL deconvolution
Picture Window Pro - levels and sharpen; convert from AdobeRGB to sRGB


Could you explain a bit more about your workflow? Understand using Fuju raw file converter to pretty much only de-mosaic. Also understand using PWPro for levels and final sharpening and final colorspace conversion.

Also understand the exquisite non-haloing sharpening of RL Deconvolution, in RawTherapee.

What don't understand is the specific practical significance of using LAB curves in Raw Therapee for the demo image. What can you do with LAB curves in general, and in Raw Therapee in particular, that you can't do in Picture Window Pro?

And what is the input color space to raw therapee from SilkyPix?

It sounds in any case like you are recommending exporting from Raw Therapee, after LAB curve manipulation and RL deconvolution, in the AdobeRGB colorspace for some reason.

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