DPReview Publishes 808 vs. 1020 Studio Comparison! My Remarks

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Re: DPReview Publishes 808 vs. 1020 Studio Comparison! My Remarks

vallhall wrote:

Stevan G wrote:

vallhall wrote:

Things will change then the new "Black" update arrives early next year

only marginally though

Marginally and marginally


Note that by going back to natural colors and sharpening, Nokia may be exposing the ugly side of their new BSI sensor. From what I can see in many 1020 samples and from my own 1020 as well, the over-saturation was used to hide the lack of detail and muted color from a BSI sensor, and over-sharpening was used to hide edge-bleeding, lack in overall edge sharpness, and lost of detail due to noise. Of course, there will be slightly lesser noise but the noise level was already much higher than the 808 from the start due to smaller pixel/sensor size.

So whatever they do they will have to balance between natural color/sharpness and lost of IQ.

Coming from a Nokia 808 and 1020 user.

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