How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

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Re: How does Fuji compare to Full Frame

It's different from full frame, you don't get the DOF qualities of a sensor that big, although it's plenty for me. You're also going to be disappointed if you're after a speed demon. You have to take your time with a Fuji, it's more like shooting with a Leica than shooting with DSLR. It forces you to feel the shot, use the controls and be more careful. I don't think Fujis are made for sports although there's nothing stopping you from trying that. I've seen plenty of action shots with an X-Pro 1 and I take pictures of kids myself. That said, it's not easy and for some it may even be frustrating. My only advice would be to go somewhere and give it a try, see if it's fast enough for the kind of shots you enjoy. There is not a recipe that fits everyone regarding photography, but the Fuji X system comes the closest to my very own.

I am currently using a leica M9 and a Fuji x pro. They are in no way similar. Firstly the leica is fully manual focus and is only focused through the optical view finder. There is no manual coupling of lens data or aperture to the camera.

The x pro works exactly like an SLR except for framing, and that only when you are using Fuji lenses. For all other lenses you frame exactly like an SLR but stop down like something from the 50s.

The leica had next To no on off lag. Ditto shutter lag. It is a far faster camera to operate. The Fuji isn't slow or deliberate. It works slower than any post WWII camera I have used.

Fun? Yes.

Comparable to a decent film camera in operation? Only from a very superficial perspective.
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