How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

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Re: How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

Jeff Charles wrote:

LWS2013 wrote:

You'll get others that say side by side print from an X-Pro1 and a FF camera like the D800E look the same, well from the many 100's of professional prints I've had made this certainly isn't the case.

The larger sensor should give more DR, produce better results at high ISOs, and make it easier to limit DOF. If those advantages are not relevant to a particular photo, are you saying that the FF print will still be better? For example, consider this basic setup for both cameras:

  • Same shooting position
  • Lenses with the same FOV
  • Apertures set to produce the same DOF
  • Base ISO

Will the print from the FF camera be clearly better, or would a viewer have a hard time telling which camera took which photo? I suspect the latter, but I've never seen a direct comparison, so I concede that I really do not know.

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I've done print comparisons for people locally using16x24 prints for them.  All this talk about more life, 3D looks, creamy this or that simply vanish when they cant tell the prints apart.

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