X-A1: What a surprising sensor! (High-ISO Comparison)

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X-A1: What a surprising sensor! (High-ISO Comparison)


I decided that my future camera will be the X-A1 for its very good low-light capability, small size and price. I thought trying to do this high-ISO comparison with files from Ephotozine.

I shoot a lot inside (family, friends, reunions). While being quite happy with raw processing in Lightroom, it’s time consuming given the big number of photos so I decided to find a camera that would give me good files (jpegs) SOOC in low light. This is why this comparison is done strictly for SOOC jpegs, not raw files.

The high ISO files from X-A1 are so good that I ended up including full frames in the comparison. I chose 1Dx, because somehow its files have the same character, the same look as those from X-A1. Of course, I’m not comparing 1Dx and X-A1 as cameras, I’m just looking at some photos (and, yes, I admit, picking up my jaw from the floor several times). The only thing done to the X-A1 files was adding 5 units to the color temperature and 0.3 exposure (they were a little bit dark).

Then I compare with X-100S, the brother sensor from Fujifilm, then other good APS-C cameras like 70D and D7100.

So I’m cropping the files to eliminate the white border and I resize everything to the size of the files given by the X-A1. I’m not looking at resolution here, just at the cleanliness of high-ISO files.

So here are the files. X-A1 is always on the left.

Cheers, Virgil.

X-A1 vs 1DX ISO3200

X-A1 vs X100S ISO3200

X-A1 vs 70D ISO3200

X-A1 vs 7100D ISO3200

X-A1 vs 1DX ISO6400

X-A1 vs X100S 6400

X-A1 vs 70D 6400

X-A1 vs 7100D 6400

X-A1 vs 1DX 12800

X-A1 vs X100S 12800

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