How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

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Re: How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

When the X-Pro1 was first released IMO it produced higher quality images than any other APS-C sensor camera, I'd tried the 60D, D7000 and K5, even with it's slow AF it was worth it because of the IQ, light weight and body style, part of what made the X-Pro1 so good were the 3 lenses 18, 35 & 60, the closest I could get to the IQ from the X-Pro1 and 35 was from the K5 and the Pentax 31mm Ltd lens, I even got an adapter and tried out the 31mm lens on the X-Pro1 and it didn't come close to the Fuji 35.

The only other prosumer cameras at the time which would produce better IQ were the D700 and 5DMKII and you had to use pretty good lenses to see the benefits.

Given the options at the time people did quite rightly compare the X-Pro1 IQ to that of prosumer FF cameras and in many counts the X-Pro1 could hold its own.

However since the X-Pro1 was released Nikon (at lest) has caught up and offers APS-C cameras with IQ, DR, high ISO performance above that of the X-Pro1, on the FF sensor side Nikon has the D600 and D800/E and Canon the 5DMKIII which all offer greater IQ, DR, high ISO performance.

we also have the soon to be released Sony A7/R and this new Nikon DF which again will likely offer better IQ, DR and high ISO performance than the X-Pro1.

for me having a FF sensor isn't just about being able to print larger or shallower depth of field its about the consistent look of images I get from a FF sensor and a good lens, FF sensors consistently produce images that have more life to them, they have more depth, a more 3D look to them.

People will try to produce tests showing that the X-Pro1 can produce images as sharp as the current FF cameras, or that a set of photos from their X-Pro1/X-E1 are so awesome that they don't need a FF sensor and can't understand why anyone else would either, what you'll often find with many of these tests and awesome sets of photos is that there often in black & white or very low in color, or the environment has little texture or contrast.

You'll get others that say side by side print from an X-Pro1 and a FF camera like the D800E look the same, well from the many 100's of professional prints I've had made this certainly isn't the case.

If you really want to know if a current FF sensor camera has better image quality than the X-Pro1/X-E1 then my advice would be for you to head over to flickr and look through groups for the D600, D800 and the X-Pro1/X-E1, compare images from both with zooms and prime lenses, when you find images you like then look through the photographers stream and see if the image quality is consistent, that should answer your question.

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