K01, who is "ugly" now?

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Re: K01, who is "ugly" now?

viking79 wrote:

Petroglyph wrote:

They actually do look similar. I never think about how a camera looks. I just think about the ergonomics. I don't want the camera to draw any attention to itself while I'm using it, either by the sounds it makes or the colour it is. Noisy shutter can be very distracting in a lot of situations and I noticed DPR has said the shutter is rather loud on the Sony.


I always thought my D700 was much too loud, but never had complaints at weddings about it. My K-5 was silent in comparison.

My K5 is quieter than the Nikons I've used as well.

I don't think the A7/r could be any worse than the D700.

Looking at a couple quick videos of the Sony A7 and D700 the D700 seems much louder.

Well it shouldn't have any mirror slap and many physical shutter types can be made quiet.  I'll have to go handle one in a shop sometime.  The K3 is supposed to have a dampened mirror which would be both quiet and help minimize shutter vibrations.  Sounds optimistic.



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