K01, who is "ugly" now?

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Re: K01, who is "ugly" now?

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Petroglyph wrote:

Noisy shutter can be very distracting in a lot of situations and I noticed DPR has said the shutter is rather loud on the Sony.

It's not if as Pentax makes DSLRs with totally silent shutter. That would require electronic shutter

For whatever reason, the NEX cameras have generally (all AFAIK?) had noisy shutters. It's certainly possible to have a much quieter shutter on an APS-C mirrorless camera - the EOS M manages this without having an electronic shutter. The loud shutter on my 5R doesn't bother me much, though I'd feel uncomfortable using it in some situations.

Although not APS/C, the Sony RX100 I was playing with in a local shop the other day was very quiet. I'm pretty sure it is not all-electronic shutter but rather electronically controlled physical shutter of some kind. Once I turned off the fake shutter "beep" sound in the menu I almost could hear nothing at all when the shutter was released. So I agree they could do much better. Doesn't NEX-7 have electronic front curtain anyway?


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