Am I buying a wide gamut monitor for the right reason?

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Am I buying a wide gamut monitor for the right reason?

I currently shoot Adobe RGB, colour correct using XRite color passport (when I can), soft proof in lightroom and print using a Canon Pixma pro 9500 mk2.

I use a color munki photo to match both my monitors to my printer, and I fairly happy with my results. However both my monitors are sRGB, so during soft proofing I often get out of gamut warnings for monitors.

My plan is to keep one sRGB for the web and gaming, and replace the other monitor with a wide gamut monitor.

I am getting a new monitor regardless, so wondering if I should get the following monitor:

for the following reasons:

  1. The only thing in my workflow that can not handle a wide gamut is my monitor
  2. It is seems the best value for a wide gamut monitor
  3. I believe that I can use my existing hardware calibrator to create profiles to keep the colours constant, so whether the monitor is calibrated at factory is irrelevant
  4. The controversial built hardware calibrator is not a big deal to me because I have my own hardware

Am I missing anything?

Should I spend the extra money on a NEC or an Eizo?

I am not a professional; however I love to shoot and print. I want to prints to be the best they can be. I understand I can achieve good results with an sRGB workflow, but it really does bug me when I want to print a picture that clearly my monitor struggles to render.

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