How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

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Re: How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?
The Canon 70D is sensational when it comes to overall operation, but the image quality lets down, with very limited dynamic range. For this reason, I am willing to go back to FF. The 6D is a good alternative (although I would sorely miss the brilliant video autofocus of the 70D), but I heard that the Fuji x trans sensors come close to FF quality.

You may wait for the X-E2 to be available, it will be faster in operation than the first generation bodies. I had a 5d2 for years and also a Nikon d700, my virtually only used camera in 2013 was the Fuji X-E1 including pics at a babtism, a musical and theatre.

In comparision to the 5d2 you loose a bit resolution and of course the FF look of a bigger sensor. AF of those lower FF bodies (5d/ 6d) is maybe a bit faster, but less precise.

What you gain over Canon is: Dynamic range, colour and the sensational JPEG quality which often is all you will need once you learned how to properly expose the frames.

The X-Trans sensor relies on the Sony 16MP sensor base which has a very solid DR - about 1,5 stops better than the APS-c Canon sensor and still better than all Canon FF sensors.

DR and shadow noise are Canon's Achilles' heels. I once had a EOS650d for a week before I resold it because of constantly blown out highlights.

So yes, Fuji X are a compromise (just like Canon, Nikon, Sony etc.), however one that I really love to shoot with.


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