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Re: All manufacturers MTFs graphs look brilliant...

marike6 wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

If it's too much to bear, go with a cheaper inferior platform.

I have a D800 (with 28-50-85 f/1.8 primes and a 70-200 f/4 VR) which is my favorite camera of all time.

This is definitely an excellent value set of lenses and camera. I would agree that it is better value than the Sony for the lens prices.

I think Sony is making a mistake with it's lens pricing that's all, it's not that I'm a cheap skate. In general FF lenses are more expensive than crop sensor lenses. It's looking like Sony FF mirrorless lenses will be the most expensive lenses ever created and I'm wondering if that might turn off potential adopters. Who knows? We will see. All the best, Markus

No more than Canon/Nikon are, and actually I think they learned that they could sell the Zeiss 24mm and other lenses regardless of asking price as long as they were good.  The Zeiss 24mm availability was regularly fairly low.

Their lenses honestly aren't more than Canon/Nikon equivalents, which are also priced really high (except their value lenses like the 1.8 prime set, which is honestly very good).

My only complaint with Sony is they don't offer the value lenses, as I would be happy with those.


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