So if Bama was willing to listen in on friends...

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Re: Ok, I'll guess

Walking Dead wrote:

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Brian wrote:

Was he willing to listen in on the Romney's campaign?

Where does the spying end?

First of all, you try and paint a picture of Obama sitting at his desk listening to all of the phone calls that the NSA intercepted.

Second, the NSA intercepts started when George W. Bush OCCUPIED the White House back in 2002. And, according to the reports, they were listening in on Merkel's phone calls back then. So if George W. Bush was 'listening' to Merkel, that would raise the question if Cheney/Bush were listening in on John Kerry's phone calls during the 2004 elections.

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Actually during the GWB era, there was good reason to listen in on Germany and on France.
I hope you understand the reasons why.

They were secretly members of Al Qaeda?

Whoa, who knew? Thank God George was on the Job!


Dave, the reports are that the NSA has been spying on Merkel's phone calls since 2002, which was before she became Chancellor of Germany.

I posted this link on another thread-

You might want to do some research what the 'Hamburg plot' that's mentioned in the link.

So you're saying Merkel was a member of Al Qaeda?


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