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Re: DIY Add on diopter

Hello dicklaxt,

One picture is worth a thousand words:

Closeup Lens - projecting an inverted image onto a wall.

This is a picture of my left hand, holding one of my home-made closeup lenses near a wall. (My right hand is snapping the picture.)  An inverted image of the window at the opposite side of the room is projected onto the wall. You can see an upside-down tree with grass at the top of the image and sky at the bottom. The image of the tree is in focus when the lens is 70 mm from the wall, so that is the focal length. The strength is (1000/ 70) ~ 14 diopters.

It isn't a good closeup lens because it is convex on one side and concave on the other. Like yours, it was scavenged from a camera lens.

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