D800: Poor LiveView interpolation

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Re: D800: Poor LiveView interpolation

dlmvegas wrote:

Live View is useless for nailing down focus when zoomed in with low light levels. Pixelization is so bad you can't even see how to focus. I'm not talking about night shots but low level lighting of about 5 seconds or less at F/16. Did Nikon go cheap on the screen for a $3000.00 camera?

After you shoot your image it displays that fine. Even when zooming in to check sharpness.

Yes, I already know that Nikon probably doesn't really give a rats either because they've already have your money. Anyone know of a plan from Nikon to actually come out with a fix. My feeling is a firmware fix and not having to replace everyones LCD. I think anybody that bought this camera needs to complain to the point that it makes it viral on the internet where they might get off their butts and do something.

I think you don't understand the problem.

The LCD is absolutely fine - it just displays the information. The "problem" is that the live readout of the sensor isn't very good. It's probably a hardware limitation due to the 36mp sensor outputting a lot more data which means they only read every alternate line of the sensor to make it quicker. Even in bright light, the image quality during zoomed in live view is fairly poor. You're not going to get a firmware fix for that, and changing the LCD would accomplish absolutely nothing. I think it's the compromise for having such a high res sensor.

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