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Re: Reason for FZ250

A while back, I said, "The only way that I can see Panasonic's designing and manufacturing an upgrade to the FZ200 is if Nikon, Canon, or Sony produces a model that is greatly superior to the rather "average" models that they now offer and it vastly outsells the current FZ."

Well, Sony has fired a shot across the bow with its RX10. So, I would say that Panasonic will need to answer that, but may wait until it sees the sales numbers. The price of the RX10 may limit sales and Panasonic may not feel so inclined to answer with an FZ200 upgrade. Still, even if Pansonic produces an RX10 equivalent, it won't exactly be an upgrade to the FZ200 because of the significant price difference between the RX10 and the FZ200 as well as feature differences.

It would actually be a new line and Panasonic may decide to stick with the FZ70 line (lesser features and lower price) and add a new line ZZ1 (or whatever) with a much different price point and feature set, including decreasing, not increasing the zoom range, as Sony did. This also could appeal to Leica if the new model returned to using the Leica lens. Since Panasonic dropped Leica from the FZ70, that kind of leaves a hole in the Leica lineup that was filled with their V-Lux 4 (rebadged FZ200).

Leica doesn't mind tweaking the Panasonic model, adding the Red Dot, and increasing the price quite a bit because Leica buyers usually don't mind the price to begin with. But, Leica, I don't believe, is going to offer a V-Lux 5 that is a downgrade (FZ70) and doesn't have a Leica lens.

Currently, many companies are trying to find the right mix of cost, features, sensor-size, lens apertures, and target audience. Remember, even if a company can find the "perfect" combination, they risk being a one model wonder. In order to remain in business, it seems that all product manufacturers (electronics, cameras, automobiles, computers) hold back something for next year.

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