New "Kodak" primes. 8mm f3, 25mm f.95 50mm f1.1

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Re: New "Kodak" primes. 8mm f3, 25mm f.95 50mm f1.1

Trollshavethebestcandy wrote:

Trollshavethebestcandy wrote:

The 50 1.1 looks tiny!
Awaiting Bokeh tests.
$400 each.
I bet the 7.5 Rokinon walks all over the 8mm Kodak.

Meh. Don't do MF any more! Why people keep making the lens equivalent of the Ford Model T in this day an age I have no idea.

For me manual focus makes me more in control and the "Artist" like a stick shift vs automatic transmission in a car rather than cruise control automated driver car. Some like to drive an some like to just sit in the drivers seat and look around.

I prefer choice - switch to MF if you want it and vice versa.

Ditto, and car analogies are terrible, but I'd opt for having a choice there as well (DSG!) and not confining myself to one or the other... That being said, the 25mm is intriguing. I'll be getting the Panasonic 20mm soon but I could go for that 25mm later... There's already so many 30-90mm primes to choose from tho, need a couple more wide angles! (or any longer tele I imagine, though not my thing atm)

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