EPL5 vs GF6 - now heavily leaning toward the EPL5

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Re: One possible fly in the ointment...

True, but the Zuiko 14-42 II R aint too shabby me thinks either until the 12-32 is available.

$350 is a bit steep for me considering I'll be looking at $500 for the EPL5, then $350 for the 12-32 lens, minus $75 selling the Zuiko, and I'm looking at $800~~~Just that the 12-32 is half the length of the 14-42 lens....

At that price, the GM1 might be worth it...or I can swap the Zuiko for the Panny kit version II lens, and add a prime...that is probably my best bet, and in the future wait for the 12-32 price to drop when Olympus releases their own version.

The 12-32 does give you that 24mm equivalent focal length, which for many could justify the cost by itself, tho if the MTF charts are any indication then the general quality of it might go a long way towards justifying the price too.

Anyway, I really wanted to like the low end Olympus models but recently ended up with a GF6. I can get past the lack of flash, no big deal, and IBIS plus the new sensor was tempting; but I just know that having a 16:9 display that's constantly wasting space when displaying photos would bug the heck out of me.

Maybe that's a little foolish or whatever but I can't understand why they use 16:9 displays when video isn't even their focus, just seems backwards. Can't imagine it's a cost issue, NEXs all use 16:9 too and I can't imagine they're much cheaper to acquire in bulk than 4:3 or 3:2.

Wifi on the GF was pretty tempting too, it's pretty useful for remote shooting and reviewing from tablet/phone. An future PL model with Wifi and 5-axis stabilization would be pretty compelling tho, I think I could get over the 16:9 displays if they bring 5-axis to that lower price point (add in peaking and it's a done deal!).

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