Which extended warranty for new gear?

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Re: Which extended warranty for new gear?

I pretty much never buy extended warranties, but then again my usual hobbies revolve around electronics that tend to be outdated in a handful of years (and some of my higher priced purchases like video cards and displays already come with long or lifetime warranties)... I've paid for phone insurance at times but only cause carrier contract terms are a pain.

I'm currently weighing whether I should get an extended warranty for some of my new lenses tho.

I'm rather new to this world but it seems like a quality lens is something that can easily last you half a decade, or more... $60 for an extra four years of warranty (that starts after the standard warranty ends, from what I understand) that's handled directly with Olympus doesn't seem too bad. From what I've read their service is pretty good too, so I'm curious as well whether others are going for these warranties.

$60 on a lens I paid $300 for seems a touch high, but 4 extra years is a decent term I'd think, I think I'd definitely go for it on some of the higher priced lenses I want (like the UWA).

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