Lumix 1, FZ250 0.

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Re: Lumix 1, FZ250 0.

1.  A manufacturer's rep is not going to tell anyone about a newer model if retailers (or the manufacturer) still have the previous model in stock.

2.  There was news that both Fuji and Panasonic were developing new sensors with better light gathering capability (lower noise at higher ISOs).  Recent news suggests that Fuji is about to introduce a camera (or cameras) with such a sensor.  Two possibilities exist:

a.  An FZ250 with a new sensor might come out to real-world test how well the sensor works.b.  Panasonic will not put the new sensor in an FZ250 because purchasers of its ILS cameras (ones w/o mirrors & with electronic viewfinders) would be very angry and it would hurt their sales.

3.  Besides a small bug in the current FZ200 (that Panasonic has apparently not fixed), the biggest complaint I have is its slow focusing in some situations (and not just in dim lighting).  Also, the focusing sometimes will not "lock on."

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