Some Panasonic G6 questions...

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Re: Some Panasonic G6 questions...

photofan1986 wrote:

Hi, my friend recently bought a G6 , along with two kit lenses.
First surprise: the camera comes with the old 14-42, you know the big and not sharp one.
I really thought the new GF6 and G6 came with the new kit lenses.

Then, I noticed that the viewfinder is not really sharp. It's a strange feeling, as the text and menus are very sharp, but the image itself is quite blurred, compared to my EM-5, but even compared to my dad's G3. I remember reading someone saying that the older G3 and G5 had sharper EVFs...

Yes, that is the strange thing. G6s come with the old lens, GF6s come with the new one.

When using the EVF, are the images in playback sharper than the preview? If so, you just answered your own question.

G6/GF6 both come with the new 14-42 II in the USA, however Panasonic has apparently been offloading the older 14-42 by selling the G6 with it in other markets (AUS etc)... Kinda unfortunate IMO since the new one is quite dandy, barely extends while zooming.

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