OMD E-M1 vs Sony A-7, What's the Difference?

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Re: The truth about the A7's large size.

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1, OK ..but no big deal with newer technology. IQ probably very close, more dependent on particular lens used rather than anything else. I suspect Canikon are starting to get worried, particularly Nikon as the Sony is likely using the same D800 (sony) sensor.

2. Sure, paper thin DOF easier if that's where you get your jollies, but most folks are more interested in the benefits of greater DOF with u4/3 & APSc.

True enough. I thought the DOF with APS-C was a good compromise, but now NEX is dead.

3. Body size comparable, but Sony requires 35mm sized lenses, and that is a very big heavy deal, particularly if you want f2.8 or wider lenses.

The Zeiss EF FF lenses I handled, a 35mm/2.8 and a 50/1.8 were sureprizingly smalll. Longer lenses will be large. Old E-mount APSC lenses still work OK, but only 10mp on A7 and 16 mp on A7r.

and ???


The E-M1 grip is slightly larger than the A7 and I prefer the Canon grips over both. Of course we already know the A7 doesn't focus as fast the E-M1 and can't do what a DSLR can do.

Now about that size....,380.306,ha,t

It is too close to other FF cameras that will function better.

Try 24-70 comparison:,380.367,ha,t

But with the 70-200 the difference is less:,380.367,ha,t

Still, the question remains of the performance, construction and durability of both the cameras and the lenses. Especially the lenses, as Zeiss lenses (such as the 55 f1.8 vs the cheapo Canon 50 f1.8) are built like tanks and almost invariably offer some of the best optical performance available.

Of course, there are other things some photographers would consider in comparison, such as video performance, and some may even prefer an EVF to OVF, but such esoterics are seldom considered by the , ahem, "unwashed masses" who have been conditioned to think only in terms of sensor size as the measure for deciding on a camera.

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