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Re: BTW - Do you know who coined that term?

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I believe you will also find a very few, very unsuccessful Japanese attacks on the west coast by using hot air type balloons to carry demolitions.
I can also recall that declassifed info now confirms that there were some very poorly done attacks by aircraft, again along the west coast. They were not reported on to avoid causing the public fear. Considering how difficult, almost absurd, it would be to even attempt to do so to the mainland, there were a lot of US citizens who were very fearful of, especially the -dreaded yellow waves- of Japanese trying to overrun our shores.

They called it the 'Yellow Peril'. The irony is that it was in fact a 'White Peril' that swept through Asian countries.

European colonisation in Asia

It was that well known humanitarian the Kaiser. H even did a drawing to illustrate the expression...


Are you referring to this article? I still can't figure out who General Yeh is.


I think it is earlier than that, from the time Mongols invaded Europe.

No, contrary to your article, the expression became famous because of the Kaiser. And I too have no idea who General Yeh is...

Although perhaps this link helps...

General Yeh

As the aphorism goes, those whom you commit crimes against become evil, and the West committed so MANY crimes against China, that it staggers the imagination. But the Kaiser was thinking of Japan and not China when he coined the expression.


This is him.

Ye Mingchen 叶名琛

Another Qing official mocked him 'the Six Not To Governor'.


The Six Not To Governor: Not to fight, not to make peace, not to defend, not to die, not to surrender, and not to run.

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