FZ70 or Fuji HS50?

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Thanks very much for posting the comparison samples. Very useful, and I genuinely appreciate the time you’ve taken to supply the info in your first post here. Cheers for offering your views…

No problem, just giving HS50 the right justice. With the choices of superzooms nowadays, it all boils down to preference as they are now at par with each in IQ.Speed/Performance/Ergonomics/Handling via manual zoom + Hybrid AF or smoother zooming in video via motorized zoom and longer FL. Take your pick!

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As you always will and have Joms, everyone should know by now your "Mr Fuji "and over your dead body will anyone ever get to voice their personal opinion if it's anything other than an A+ grade for your Fuji's.

Wrong. I can praise any brand if it is doing it right.

Bottom line is a few people found your beloved Fuji to not cut the mustard on the long end and they have every right to say it and believe it . Your opinion is certainly no better than theirs so when someone says Fuji didn't get it done for them that means IT DIDN'T GET IT DONE FOR THEM , PERIOD.

It is working for me because I am using it right and because it is supposed to worked as I expected it to be. PERIOD.

We all know they get it done for you though. Like i said in the past until Fuji takes first or second place in most pro reviews you have zero bragging rights , your time may come but it isn't now.

And who is #1? #1 rated by PAID or LOUSY reviewer? Anyone who believes in this lousy ranking by so called PRO reviewer is just another idiot buyer. It is no different that saying iPhone is the best camera because it ranked first in uploading garbage pictures in Flickr.

Stop intruding in every forum where someone says something slightly negative about your brand, you don't have to try and convince people every single time, everyone has a right to their own personal opinion and they certainly don't need to explain how they came to it and justified it to you.

Anyone can express his opinion especially if it is supported by facts in any forum in this site.

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