Please Fuji Read This:

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They have responded "sort of" to the FF question

mdavidp wrote:

No Full Frame! Please do not waste resources on a Full Frame system.

I have used Canon, Nikon Full Frame. The lenses and bodies are bulky. The lenses are quite often lacking

in the ability to resolve the Full Frame sensor and thus disappointing.

The lightweight system you have developed is wonderful and I look forward to further refinements

and expanded lens selections. Thank You,

Sincerely, Mike P

You should look at the video's from PDN Photo-Plus show and search general web "talk" nothing about FF, just reading Fuji is not so fast with doing FF now.

I understand Fuji is not doing Full Frame so fast so they can concentrate on doing APC very well. IMO it would also kill Fuji's APC line and development if they add a FF option now since it has to be developed body and all new new lenses. The cost will also be higher look at Sony and I am sure and Fuji lenses are already $$.

I would sell my 18-55 & 55-200 if Fuji develops a lens like Nikons 16-85 but with a 2.8. My lens set up with the 14 mm prime, 16-85 (main dream lens range) and 56 mm 1.2 I think I would be very good.

The PDN interview via B&H Photo with Fuji rep says the 10-24 is soon to come and the 56 mm right behind that. If I understand the lens roadmap should be updated first half of 2014.

For now I am not sure a move to the XE-2 is enough of a move for current XE-1 owners. However, if you want to maximize re-sale value sell the XE-1 tomorrow.

I think Fuji will continue to make a very good APC camera with more lenses. I think my action plan is to see how the XE-2 comes along and wait for whatever Firmware improvements happen And pull the trigger when Fuji does the XE-2 with lens promotion again.

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