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Re: DIY Add on diopter

Hello dickiedoo,
I think that your diy closeup lens ought to work. It may be so powerful that the depth-of-field is very tiny, so you may have to take some pains to focus it.
The Raynox 250 is 8 diopters or (1000 / 8) = 125 mm focal length.
You can get an approximate measure of the focal length of your closeup lens by focusing a distant scene (eg a tree outside the window) onto a wall and measuring the midpoint of the lens to the wall.

Here are a couple of home-made closeup lenses that I made from scrap parts:

For hand-held shots, I find that the 600 mm lens is easier to use than the Raynox 250 and I use it fairly often.  I don't use the 200 mm lens any more because I have a Raynox 150, which is about the same strength but better quality.  Good luck with your experimenting.

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