K01, who is "ugly" now?

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Re: K01, who is "ugly" now?

Jim in Hudson wrote:

I give Sony credit for trying something different here. When it comes to weight and dimension, though, the practical figures should include the adapter as well until there's a robust native lens lineup.

That depends on the shooting style. If someone is just happy with 35mm or 50mm, A7 would remain smaller. I don't think there is size difference even with kit zoom lenses (18-55mm, vs 28-75mm)

Not every one is walking round with a dozen lenses in the bag

The other issue around dimension relates back to the low shot life.

K01 despite larger battery (and no EVF, no wifi, or NFC)  is rated 500 shots. It's not that big of difference than A7R's 330 shots.

By the way, Nex-F3, that directly competes in price and feature (no wifi, no NFC) is rated at 480, despite being tiny in comparison to K01.

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