K01, who is "ugly" now?

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Re: K01, who is "ugly" now?

ET2 wrote:

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audiobomber wrote:

This isn't even close

Was the last line accidentally truncated? Seems it should have ended with "... in price".

I give Sony credit for trying something different here. When it comes to weight and dimension, though, the practical figures should include the adapter as well until there's a robust native lens lineup. The other issue around dimension relates back to the low shot life. I don't know how many "pros" will buy the A7 but most will find it necessary to include the grip just to get the shot life up to a D800/E.

Yikes! CIPA 320 shots on a charge. That means about 200 in practice with everything else going on and the LCD turning on/off and powering up the EVF and going in and out of standby.

No, this could mean anywhere between 300 to 1000 in practice. If someone shoots continuous burst mode, that will go way over 1000

In my own experience with lithium ion batteries (and EVFs ) after a few charge deplete cycles one doesn't get anywhere near CIPA per charge.  More like 1/2 rated.  One time when I was out with the company Canon FF it got 1200 shots (rated CIPA 1090) but that was on a relatively new battery and I was in hyper click mode and it has a top panel to look at not the LCD like the Sony.


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