Not for these money. / Violating rule #6. Locked. Locked

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Not for these money. / Violating rule #6. Locked.

Bought GX-7 + 12-35/2,8 lenses, for about 2,000 euro. After day of testing: for such money you can buy much better camera. Focus fast enough, but sometimes have delays, colors good, design inconvenient, IQ is not perfect. Touchscreen changes focus point unexpectedly. Nothing groundbreaking. Right for this camera is twice less.

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Everyone knows that this camera is very good like other Olympus and Panasonic cameras, in fact not even the less better Micro 4/3 camera deserves opinions like these.

That said this a violation of rule 6. For now the thread is locked, if the user continue to post something similar on Olympus or Panasonic cameras will be banned.

Rule #6 Be civil. Anyone being rude, abusive, calling names or generally trying to stir up trouble will not be tolerated. If you think someone is wrong it may be because they are new. Don't jump on them, think first. If you are repeatedly abusive you will be banned from these forums. Specific behavior that will not be tolerated and will result in post removal / banning includes:

    • Bashing: Deliberately and repeatedly bashing the same brand, product orcompany. If you have a complaint or comment to make, make it once and make sure you have facts to support it.
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