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After a previous discussion and my opinion that Thom is quite negative and a personal message from him, I decided to revisit his website and see if I could find a more positive thread that did not include Nikon bashing. I found a this.

Which is Thom's view of the world of cameras and computers. What I find is that our views are very different. I think he is out of touch with technology. So I dissected his views with some of my own.

First he said "Both PCs and cameras are deep into incremental updating, and both see fewer and lower benefits from the increments."

I agree 100 percent, I think that this is the primary reason people are not updating that with bad economy. But if the economy were good we would still see less upgrading because there are less reasons to upgrade.

Next "Apple's announcements may not have seemed like a lot at the user level—some new incremental models, a bunch of software updates—but at the core of all it was a shift that I think everyone in the tech industry probably noted and had a few shivers over. By taking software to free and pushing it further into integration between devices"

First, I would hardly call Apples new models incremental. They have done next to nothing. Free software... The price of Apple computers is often double that of other brands.

Before we get into this I regret that I am getting old, I have given into the fact that bigger displays and buttons are things I desire, but I also think that older people are the ones with more disposable income and are a majority of the people buying computers and cameras. I think we are the largest sales as be buy for ourselves and gifts for our children.

Compare this $999 HP touchscreen 17" laptop with 2 year warranty add $300 to upgrade to 1080p screen, nice video card and Microsoft office Home/Student 2013 also add 400 dollars for a 512gbSSD (which is in addition to the 1tb drive in the second drive bay) 1599 total.

To this $2599 15" macbook pro

Please show me the "free" software...... Nothing is for free, the price of the software is buried in the overpriced hardware

Next "and all tied together through iCloud is something that even Microsoft is going to have a tough time matching"

But I don't want to be tied into something that locks me only into Apples overpriced products. I know people who spend thousands on Itunes. gives me 50gb of free data that can synchronize my data between my laptop, desktop, phone and pad. Dropbox allows me 2.25gb and does the same thing. I bought a 3tb WD Live hard drive that allows me to access my home files from the internet, all without being locked into the overpriced Apple "I" hardware.

Next "Samsung can certainly match Apple gadget for gadget, device for device, screen for screen."

This is not true, Samsung smokes Apple for innovation. Apple has the Iphone 5c 32gb for $299, which has no innovation, they put on a thumbprint scanner that has been on HP laptops for 5 years. But ok, nice feature. Samsung for that same $299 has the Note 3. Which has 32gb, you can add 64gb micro SD card for 50 bucks, It has a stylus and a Wacom style touchpad designed with Wacoms help, I think this will go over well with photographers. 13mp camera, the ability to run two different apps on the same screen. I am hoping the PS touch will work with the Wacom touchpad and stylus like it does on the pad devices. If so it may be the first Adobe product I will purchase.

Next "The big question mark at Samsung, though, is software. They're getting better at it, but because they are so much in total experiment or total mimic mode, there doesn't seem to be any clarity with where they're going with software"

Really? the Air command and Air gestures are software features that are unique to Samsung. They are inovating, they are no longer "mimic" Apple

Here is the kicker "The longer they can't come to grips with the emerging cloud/device connected world, the more tempting it will be for companies like Apple to reach up and grab that market away from them. TV sets are on Apple's horizon for grabbing (at least the high end) away from the current players. Given that they've got Final Cut Pro, Aperture, iPhoto, iCloud Photo Sharing, a smartphone camera design group, how long will it be before Apple decides to disrupt the camera market, too?"

Thom perspective is Apple centric, he dismisses the rest of the world because it does not fit into his apple centric universe. What he does not understand is Apple as far as computers is less than 10 percent market share since the day the first started, there is a reason for this.

Iphone is not innovating, neither is Apple. Apple attempts to lock people in and make the "I"people is failing. Iphone sales are sliding

Android market share is 52 percent over Apples 39 percent. Samsung phone market share continues to increase.

So I am not saying Thom is wrong, I am saying his vision is skewed by his rose colored apple shaped sunglasses.

He thinks that Apple holds the future with integration but I don't think this is right, the numbers show differently, innovation which was once apples forte was lost with Steve Jobs. You can have integration for a lot less or even free in some cases without being locked into the overpriced "I"life.

So for now, I will say bye to Thom and his opinions because when he is not bashing Nikon, he is singing the praises of apple and Ilife which apple no longer innovates like it did with Jobs here. But he is entitled to his opinion, just like I am.

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