DPReview Publishes 808 vs. 1020 Studio Comparison! My Remarks

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Re: DPReview Publishes 808 vs. 1020 Studio Comparison! My Remarks

BTW, regarding the 1020's preferring choosing higher ISO's and, at the same time, a bit overexposing images:

- as I've pointed out several times (back in September too - see my Sony Z1 comparison), at ISO 400, there isn't as destructive NR as at ISO 800.

- the 1020 tens to over-expose images, which is certainly visible in this case too.

Therefore, if you manually lock ISO at 400 (max.) and possibly also shutter speed (not to allow the phone to introduce motion blur), you can let the camera under-expose (or, for that matter, properly expose) the image. While the resulting image will be a bit more noisy (particularly if you do under-expose and, consequently, you'll need to do some shadow puulling in pp), it'll be FAR more detailed.

Of course, the introduction of RAW to the 1020 will solve this problem too. Before that, however, you should never let the 1020 go over ISO 400, should you want to preserve detail.

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