Coolpix A flash question: why does ISO go to 6400 on P

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Re: Coolpix A flash question: why does ISO go to 6400 on P

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My $0.02: P mode is very confusing. I almost always use Manual mode with flash, and sometimes, under some conditions, A mode with fill flash. I should note that I have received professional-level instruction, and P mode was ignored during that instruction, along with "green box" and all the scene modes. None of my mentors use P, either. A, S, and M modes produce predictable results, with a wide range of cameras, so that is what I use, whether SLR or Coolpix A.

I am a camera collector and have had many cameras.

On P, all behaved great, but the Nikon A jacks up the ISO to 6400 and the flash picture is grainy.

It is a bug in my opinion.

A bug most easily dealt with by any true camera collector. They would have also bought (and kept, not sold) the very similar Ricoh GR. The GR and the A could be used most of the time, as desired, with the GR used only in light that you know would force the A to use ISO 6400, if you insist on using P mode. You might find this tricky unless you bought the silver Coolpix A, as otherwise you might pick up a black A when you meant to pick up the black GR. If you own a black A, then don't buy a black GR. Ricoh announced that there will be a limited edition green GR that will be available some time in November. Just goes to show, when you keep things simple enough, all things are possible, if slightly more expensive.

I love the GR 28/35/47mm view

One of the cameras I collected last week due to a really nice sale was Samsung's NX300. With its much improved 20mp sensor, it's probably only a little noisier than the A and without a lens mounted, nearly as small as the A and GR. The cost of the NX300 was $598, including the very small 20-30mm (non-stabilized) kit lens, the much larger 50-200mm lens (stabilized), a tiny hot shoe flash, and a copy of Lightroom on an included CD. Small inexpensive 10mm (a fisheye), 16mm, 20mm, 30mm and 45 lenses are available. The 16, 20 and 30mm lenses are equivalent to 24mm, 30mm and 45mm, pretty close to the GR's three focal length views and unlike the GR, they all produce 20mp images.

The GR's 28mm, 35mm and 47mm 'views' produce 16mp, 10mp and 5.7mp images. The 35mm/10mp images should often be more than adequate, but the 47mp images are not only very low resolution, since they're made using a crop of the sensor that uses only about 1/3 of the sensor's surface, they would produce images that are almost 1 1/2 stops noisier than the GR's 28mm images.

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