NSA even intecepted Merkel's private mobile phone!

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Re: I spotted you jogging....

papillon_65 wrote:

RobertSigmund wrote:

Werderano wrote:

I´m out, have fun but be everytime aware of his spinning grannystyle moves.

He is not worth any answer; all the more grateful he should be about the conversations he gets here in dpreview.

Both of you fee free to ignore any of my posts, that would be great

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667....neighbour of the beast.

You have been the fool again Pap, you liked to play and you showed us your real face. Was really fun. One point i don´t get is, you have been your whole life a good puppet and you have eaten every lie you rightwingnewspapers sold you. And you still read and post them as a source?

I mean we know that you like to see yourself as bloody defender of "democracy", this picture what your "independent sources" sold you. ,-) So it´s a miracle that you are is still reading this trash and on top of that also using these sources to show how narrowmindet you are? Pap i really hope that someday you start selfthinking, if not you will be a misleaded fool till the end of your days. All the best and if you like to play again, don´t dirty yourself.

"ignore any of my posts" Your so old that you even forgot, that you started the game with only one reason. Next time play like a man and not like an old granny.

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